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“With knowledge comes power, and power, when used responsibly, creates transformative change. By centering equity-based decisions at the core of your organizational policies, practices, and procedures, you can ensure that your organization will provide a culture where everyone thrives!”

Dr. Nicole R. Robinson

Founder & CEO

Equity-Centered Leadership Academy

The Equity-Centered Leadership Academy© provides leaders with the tools and skills to identify, assess, and (re)align their organization’s equity-centered policy, practices, and procedures. This hybrid-style program blends the teaching and learning of three perspectives to create a comprehensive approach to equity-based leadership:


Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness


Organizational change management theory


Behavior development change theory

In addition to professional development sessions, individual coaching guides and supports leaders in implementing equity-centered practices into daily operations. The Equity-Centered Leadership Academy© has three options: team cohorts, individual, and specialty focus programs (i.e., women, minorities, etc.).

Practical and pragmatic work samples

Simulation exercises, case studies, and experiential activities

Individual and group learning activities

Peer teaching and learning opportunities

The Equity-Centered Leadership Academy© includes

Five (5) 1-hour professional development sessions
Five (5) 1-hour individual coaching sessions
Intercultural Competence Assessment
Intercultural Conflict Management Style Assessment
Equity-Centered Leadership Performance Assessment©
Assessment Toolkit

repository of various surveys for data collection

Workbooks and Materials

Available in three options:

Cohort Teams

A collective organizational workgroup


Hyper-focused individual development

Special Focus Programs

Equity-Centered Leadership Academy: Women Leaders

Equity-Centered Leadership Academy: Minority Leaders

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Program is a collaborative professional relationship that develops the self-awareness and reflexivity skills a leader needs to drive transformational organizational change. Executive coaching provides personalized instruction and a space designed to support the growth and development of equity-centered leadership skills. Coaching sessions help leaders identify growth opportunities, determine pragmatic solutions and implement the necessary change processes. Executive Coaching includes:

Five (5) 1-hour professional development sessions
Intercultural Competence Assessment
Intercultural Conflict Management Style Assessment
Assessment Toolkit

Leadership YOU! Launch Day

Did you launch a cultural change initiative but need help motivating critical leaders to embrace the process? Or do you have an incredible team who is excited to move forward but needs to align on the direction they should take fully? Leadership YOU! is your complete solution. This fun-packed, intensive, full-day professional development session includes CCBD’s proprietary games, breakout groups, engaging activities, and more to motivate, inspire, and, more importantly, empower leaders to successfully launch cultural change. Leadership YOU! is a professional development like no other!

Leaders will learn how to:

Leverage both personal and professional identity and power to initiate change

Identity the essential qualities exhibited in equity-centered leadership

Implement equity-centered frames into policies, practices, and procedures

Appropriately transition between systemic change vs. systematic change management processes

Identify and remove barriers that prohibit successful cultural change processes