Learning for all

Each member of your organization learns differently which can make implementing equity-centered practices a challenge. At CCBD, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, we customize (hence, “by design”) each experience to best support each individual at all stages of learning.

Organizational change does not come easy.

It requires time, strategy, and the right tools.

The three-part CCBD Equity-Centered Framework© supports and guides organizations in shifting their cultural landscape to one that centers equity-based practices and processes, resulting in a culture of belonging – one that accepts, values, and leverages the strengths among differences.

Part I: The Four “Pieces” of Equity-Centered Cultures©

Equity-centered cultures are comprised of people, place, process, and power. The primary aim is to create an organization where all constituents, stakeholders and members can genuinely connect in their own meaningful, unique, authentic way, ultimately contributing the best of themselves to the organization’s greater purpose.

Part II: Equity-Centered Change Pipeline©

The cultural transformation process must be strategic and systematic to create systemic change.

Part III: Equity-Centered Change Cycles©

The Equity-Centered Change Cycle© combines the Four “Pieces” of Equity-Centered Cultures© and the Equity-Centered Change Pipeline© to ensure all change processes take every aspect of the organizational culture into account.


We provide diversity education, not diversity training. Trainings tend to be one-dimensional; focusing on compliance to tasks and policies. CCBD takes a more holistic and purposeful approach. Our proprietary learning tools empower individuals to forge the profound breakthroughs necessary to keep up with continually evolving diversity contexts and situations. Participants of our diversity education will learn how to compassionately navigate the complexities of cultural landscapes and create lasting transformative change.

Meet the Founder

Before launching Cultural Connections by Design in September 2018, Dr. Nicole R. Robinson served as the Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity at the University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT). Over the course of her 22+ year academic career, Dr. Robinson served on the music education faculty at the University of Utah as the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Presidential Endowed Professor of Music Education, the University of Memphis, Syracuse University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

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