We create agents of change.

CCBD believes that the process of transformative change must begin with the self. Starting with the individual, we nurture a genuine desire to act, empowering participants to leave with an increased sense of responsibility to create social change within their sphere of influence.

Change happens one person at a time.

We focus our energy on


Most diversity trainings focus simply on HR issues. We educate and empower individuals of your organization to create social change from within.


Most diversity trainings are not grounded in research and show little evidence of long-term impact. However, our custom dashboards and research tools provide “real time” visualizations of ongoing change.


Many diversity conversations can alienate participants. Our proprietary learning tools create a fun, interactive, and inclusive culture that supports learning at your own pace while contemplating different perspectives.


We provide diversity education, not diversity training. Trainings tend to be one-dimensional; focusing on compliance to tasks and policies. CCBD takes a more holistic and purposeful approach. Our proprietary learning tools empower individuals to forge the profound breakthroughs necessary to keep up with continually evolving diversity contexts and situations. Participants of our diversity education will learn how to compassionately navigate the complexities of cultural landscapes and create lasting transformative change.

Meet Our Creator

Dr. Nicole R. Robinson does not consider herself a diversity expert; rather an education expert who teaches diversity. Throughout her 20 years academic career, she served as music education faculty and department chair at Syracuse University, University of Memphis, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Most recently (2012-2019), Dr. Robinson was at the University of Utah as the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Endowed Presidential Professor, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Leadership Fellow, and Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity. She recently launched Cultural Connections by Design, LLC. The two proprietary teaching tools (i.e., games) Dr. Robinson designed and developed – Matrix of Intersectionality and impact (intentionally lower-cased) – serve as the foundation of her unique, innovative approach to diversity education.