Virtual learning that leads to real change.

Welcome to the e-Institute, where we focus on providing education on equity and belongingness through a hybrid educational platform that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning. This unique approach allows individuals to curate their personal learning journey with flexibility and convenience. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, develop new skills, or connect with like-minded individuals, the e-Institute offers a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Enroll today and take the first step towards building a more inclusive world.

365-day access
to support individualized and self-paced learning
Community Events

monitored “space” to nurture casual yet critical conversations

Materials and resources
to download for future reference (i.e., glossary, articles, etc.)
Interactive quizzes and assessment tools
to reinforce learning
Course Certificates
to acknowledge completion of work. Certificates can be posted directly on LinkedIn and other social media platforms
Professional Development

Dynamic and engaging education - not training - on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

"Having access to this one-stop shop of information is invaluable as I continue to make DEI a central component of my work. The courses are very informative and presented in a concise manner, making the time spent on them well worth it. I recommend this program to anyone!"
Dr. Suzanne Hall
Temple University

Digital Courses

We offer a curated collection of digital courses that focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness. Our courses are research-based and organized into a sequential, three-part module with multiple units to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Each course includes downloadable reference materials, quizzes, and assessment tools to gauge your progress. Interactive workbooks and additional resources such as videos and documents are also included to enhance your learning journey. Our courses are designed to provide you with practical knowledge and tools that you can apply in your daily personal or professional life.

Professional Learning Communities

Our Professional Learning Communities provide a monitored space for nurturing casual yet critical conversations. These communities offer a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to engage in meaningful discussions, learn from each other, and contribute to the ongoing conversation on important issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join one of our communities to connect with others and share knowledge, experiences, questions, and expertise.

Our communities cover a wide range of topics, including:

Community Chats

Community chats are monthly “live gatherings” of individuals who come together based on a shared interest, allowing participants to engage in focused discussions around a specific idea, concept, or topic for deeper learning.

Diverse Reflections© Book Club

Diverse Reflections Book Club focuses on critical conversations centered around curated readings that explore topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Leadership Lunch & Learn

Engage in stimulating conversations and discuss equity-centered leadership skills and strategies for promoting equity and belonging in the workplace.

Creative Corner

Get inspired as we explore the intersection between art and social change. Discover how art can inspire us to connect with others, foster inclusivity, and promote a sense of belonging.

1 hr. Live Facilitated Sessions

Optional Add-on

Elevate your online learning experience with our live facilitated sessions that are specifically designed to amplify the value of your course(s). Join our skilled facilitators for an immersive session where you can ask clarifying questions, participate in small group activities, and cultivate the skills needed to effectively implement equity and belongingness into your daily practice. Take your learning to new heights and unlock the full potential of your online course with our engaging and practical follow-up sessions.

"The content provided is relevant, not difficult to digest, user-friendly, and current. I highly recommend these for seasoned ADEI individuals as well as novices in the area of diversity education. You will not be sorry."
Dr. Fred Spano
University of North Carolina Charlotte