The Academy

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The Academy is a research-based leadership development program for organizational leaders committed to guiding, developing, and, more importantly, implementing cultures of belonging – one that views, values, and leverages the strength among the differences. Using a project-based model, participants uses a “real” problem impacting the organization’s current climate and problem solve it through a collaborative, cohort format that engages all participants and maximizes learning.

Together teams (re)frame, (re)center, and (re)connect decision-making processes that yield organizational change while simultaneously centering belongingness. Additionally, The Academy employs creative, innovative, and “out of the box” teaching and learning approaches – gamification, simulation, assessment tools, professional development, etc – to provide a “roadmap” for success. The Academy program is available in two formats: The Executive Academy© and The Academy©.

The Executive Academy©

The Executive Academy© is a leadership development program that integrates leadership behavior development theory and organizational change management theory into a streamlined process that develop leaders into agents of organizational cultural change. By incorporating an executive leadership framework, leaders develop the ability to guide and manage the stages of change, the science of change, and the rhythm of change to yield optimal results. The Executive Academy is ideal for department chairs, deans, and central administration leaders. Focus includes:

Centering belongingness as a core value of the organization

Developing and implementing equity-based policies, practices, and procedures.

Aligning and empowering decision-makers and stakeholders

The Academy©

The Academy© is a programmatic development program designed to support culture change implementation into a specific program, project, or product. The Academy© uses a five-step approach to provide a “roadmap” of step-by-step actionable cultural change analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation processes. The Academy© is ideal for committees, faculty groups, student groups, project managers, and various workgroups. Focus includes:

Developing strategic priorities for cultural change work

Analyzing specific gaps for cultural change

Implementing actionable steps for tangible results

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