Julius Brown

Julius Brown (He, Him, His) is a radical music educator who creates social-action directed, intersectionally equitable, student-centered environments that deconstruct hegemonic structures of oppression with student-empowered leadership and artistry. Julius believes the intersectional identities of students should be validated and affirmed in content, structures, and systems through the lens of equitable proportionality. Julius works on the national scale for KIPP: Foundation by envisioning, planning, and promoting large scale professional development opportunities for music educators. He is in high demand as a clinician and instructional coach surrounding anti-racist and intersectionally equitable approaches teaching. Julius is also the Executive Director of LENSES: Music Education, a non-profit whose mission is to combat the pervasive, yet hidden privileged supremacy and systemic disfranchisement in music education by expanding radically equitable approaches to pedagogy and musicking. Julius is a past recipient of the National Harriet Ball Excellence in Teaching Award, and has been teaching in K-12 Public Education for over 16 years. He loves spending time with his son, Benjamin and playing lead guitar, trumpet, trombone, and flute in his original soul band, Ndichu.