Knowledge is power. Power, when used responsibly, creates transformative change.

It is the multifaceted, research-based diversity education, not one-dimensional training, that cultivates real and lasting transformative change.

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Diverse variety of concepts, skills, and tools

Creative and interactive learning sessions

Innovative proprietary teaching tools

Customizable session length and engagement

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Professional development sessions can be tailored to accommodate various group sizes, space, and time availability.

The Process


Determine the GOAL and PURPOSE of professional development session (i.e., team building, diversity education, strategic planning, etc.)


Determine the TARGET AUDIENCE (i.e., leadership team, managers, students, etc.)


Determine TIME ALLOCATION (i.e., half-, full-, multiple days, etc.)


SELECT appropriate module(s)

General Sessions

Matrix of Intersectionality

The Matrix of Intersectionality is a card game that guides individuals through a self-discovery process about privilege, power, and responsibility.

Social Categories

This session covers twelve social categories including education, gender, locality, sexual orientation, class, age, citizenship, sex, race, language ability, religion, and dis/ability.


impact illuminates the direct influence of socioeconomic factors on a person's life through a simulation process representing the lived experiences of individuals in different socioeconomic status categories.

Community-based Learning

Simulate real-world experience from the perspective of four socioeconomic status groups including poverty-, working-, middle- and upper class.

Microaggressions in the Workplace

This session will focus on developing an understanding of the various types of microaggressions including micro- assaults, -insults, -invalidations and more specifically, develop the ability to identify and contour such microaggressions.

Let’s Chat: Critical Conversations

Interactive group discussions that utilizes short story prompts, role-play, and other interactive activities to create a safe and comfortable space for authentic and profound conversation around various topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sessions for Leaders

Essential Pieces for 21st Century Inclusive Leaders

Create a visual depiction of the organization’s current diversity ecosystem and illuminate the strengths, gaps, and growth opportunities for creating an inclusive culture of belonging. This process will help to deconstruct any complexities among internal and external stakeholders and identify relational dynamics between and among various entities.

Diversity as a Strategic Priority

This strategic planning session focuses on identifying key diversity priorities required to accomplish desired goals and outcomes. Develop a strategic leadership plan with a diversity and inclusion focus and a 90-day launch plan with progress indicators to actualize diversity & inclusion as a core tenet and value system in your organization.


Identify and dismantle barriers that may be preventing progress in creating an inclusive culture of belonging in your organization. Specifically, learn to reduce the impact of structural, procedural, attitudinal, skills & knowledge barriers.

Inclusive Leadership: Your Role as an Effective Change Agent

Transition from color blind to color brave leadership through five principles of inclusive leadership.

Managing Intercultural Conflict & Difficult Conversations

Explore best practices for managing and reducing intercultural conflict in the workplaces. This session will provide hand-on practice to shift from difficult to brave, authentic conversations.