Unlocking Insights. Empowering Change.

Utilizing data to inform equity-centered actions on college campuses.

Data serves as a powerful tool, accurately reflecting the true narrative of our work, values, and aspirations as an institution that embraces and harnesses the strengths found within our differences.

Dr. Nicole R. Robinson

Founder & CEO

Service Offered

Cultural Climate Surveys

Cultural Climate Surveys serve as a powerful tool to gather authentic feedback from members of your campus community. These surveys offer invaluable insights into the strengths of your institution, areas that require improvement, and potential obstacles that hinder the development of an inclusive campus culture and climate. Cultural Climate Surveys aim to facilitate the process in creating a campus culture where every individual feels included, valued, and empowered.

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Data Tells the "Real" Story

Data – when collected and utilized the right way – empowers colleges and universities to make informed decisions, track outcomes, and foster an organizational culture that is equitable, respectful, and conducive to the success and well-being of every individual on campus.


Customizable Survey Questions
User Device Friendly
Customizable Dashboard
Digital Action Planner
Digital Progress Report
Final Report & Presentations
Action-Oriented Recommendations w/ Milestones
Filtered/Cross-tabulated Results
Detailed Analysis for Each Question
Testimonial Quote