We’re excited for you to join us for our “Race, Power & Responsibility” masterclass. This will be a three-hour session. But don’t worry! There will be plenty of stretch breaks for you!

Game Access

We will be playing the Matrix of Intersectionality as part of this class! You can use any device to play, although we recommend a desktop for the best experience.

An access code will be provided to you by the instructor during the session.


Use this fillable handbook to take notes during the class, either electronically or by hand.

A helpful reference for various terms used in the session and the game.

Other Resources

Session Description

Institutionalized oppressive systems are structures that allow the policies and practices that support inequities. This session explores aspects of various social identities and the privileges and powers associated with each of them. Using the CCBD’s proprietary gamification learning system and digital app – Matrix of Intersectionality – you will learn to “unlock” interlocking systems of power to implement equity versus equality.

Having an issue?

If you have any trouble accessing the session, please email info@ccbydesign.org for assistance.