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Are you tired of the average in-service professional development session? Are you looking for innovative ways to help your team learn more about creating a culture of belonging? Our professional development sessions are creative, engaging, and rich in content!

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Professional Development Session Topics

Identifying Culture, Climate, & Norms

Four "Pieces" of Belongingness: People, Place, Process, and Power

Removing Visible and Invisible Barriers 

Leveraging Power to Create Change

Identity, Power & Responsibility

Equity-Centered Change

impact (coming soon)

Coming Soon!

Leading Change vs Managing Change

Guiding Difficult Conversations 

CCBD's Proprietary Games

Matrix of Intersectionality

Thousands across the US and Canada have used this learning tool which guides individuals to explore the constructs that shape the ideology of privilege. During the session, participants complete an identity mapping process that guides them through a self-discovery process of the various privilege categories, the associated power within each category, and, more importantly, the responsibility required for each.


This simulation board game models the “impact” (intentional use of lowercase “i”) of socioeconomic factors on individuals’ lived experiences. Throughout this session, various historical and systemic issues are contextualized so players may explore the “impact” of real-life scenarios possibly different than their own. As a result, participants may develop an increased understanding and empathy for members of society whose day-to-day is often unrecognized and disregarded.

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