Effective Teaching. Practical Learning.

Dynamic and engaging education - not training - on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Say goodbye to feeling confused and unprepared.

Our proprietary games and interactive online and in-person sessions breathe life into understanding the concepts needed to create a culture of belonging! Through dynamic teaching complemented by well-researched resources, CCBD equips clients with practical tools to begin implementing change within their organizations.

The e-Institute

Get ready for an educational experience that you’ll always remember! The e-institute includes online courses, professional learning communities, and reading reflections on topics that center equity-based practices and practical approaches to fostering cultures of belonging. With 30-day access learning is self-paced yet interactive. In addition to engaging video presentations and learning activities, participants can connect with other learners in professional learning communities. These five communities (Disparities in Education, Equity in the Workplace, In the News, LGBTQ+ Representation, Supporting Disabilities) are spaces where learners can engage in casual and informative conversations on topics focused on belongingness.

With practical information, simple presentations, reflective activities, and lively interactive spaces, you’ll get a well-rounded experience that will help you make lasting change in your organization!

Add a virtual facilitated session to receive more support in applying what you’ve learned in your daily practice!

Professional Development

Are you tired of the average in-service training? Are you looking for innovative ways to help your team learn more about creating a culture of belonging? Then try one of our virtual or on-site professional development sessions! These sessions focus on important aspects of a culture of belonging, presenting them in clear, practical, and engaging ways! Virtual sessions range from 1.5 hours to half day sessions. On-site visits are at least one full day.

For an unforgettable experience that will instantly change how you understand the intersections of identity, power, and privilege, check out The Matrix of Intersectionality, our groundbreaking game!