“I don’t see race!” Dismantling the colorblind pedagogy in the classroom

“I don’t see race!” Dismantling the colorblind pedagogy in the classroom

by Nicole R. Robinson, Ph.D.

05:30 p.m. EDT
1 hour

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About This Webinar

“I don’t see my student’s race; I am colorblind when I teach.” When teachers say they are colorblind, they are usually saying that they do not discriminate and that they treat all their students equally. However, when a teacher professes to be “colorblind” they are not understanding how their unconscious biases can influence expectations, actions, and even their interactions with students of color in the classroom. A color-blind pedagogy inadvertently positions the student (and their family) as the primary source for the students’ educational attainment and disregards the way race and ethnicity “create” barriers to academic achievement based on the teacher’s superficial knowledge and misunderstandings of cultures differences.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define, identify, and dismantle colorblind pedagogical practices in the classroom.
  2. Incorporate processes to validate students’ racial and ethnic identities.
  3. Understand how colorblind practices lead to microaggressions in the classroom.
  4. Develop effective practices to incorporate students’ racial and cultural identities into the curriculum.

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Nicole R. Robinson Ph.D.

Founder & CEO