Executive Inclusive Leadership Academy


Leading Cultures of Belonging

Leading Cultures of Belonging

The 21st-century leader, by definition, is a leader who can create, lead, and guide a “culture of belonging”—a culture that accepts, values, and leverages the strength in differences.  However, incorporating inclusive practices does not occur automatically, rather it requires a strategic process that includes self-reflection, measurable goals, and specific actions to achieve positive results.

The Executive Inclusive Leadership Academy will provide the knowledge, tools, skills, and resources to create transformative change in your organization.

Customized Curriculum

100% Virtual Format

Variety of Assessment Tools

Tuition includes all course materials and assessments.


Creating Cultures of Belonging

The Power of Place

Equality- vs Equity-Leadership Practices

Inclusive Leadership + Crisis Management

Leading through Crisis vs. Managing the Response

Emergency preparedness and protocols

Communicating + Connecting

Elevating "Hidden" Voices

Guiding Difficult Conversations

The Paradigm Shift

Emotional- vs Strategic-based Leadership

Policy, Practice and Systemic Change

Program Details

8 Sessions

16 hours of content

Scheduled to accommodate your needs




minimum 5 team members

Who's It For?

The Executive Inclusive Leadership Academy is for any of your administrators, faculty, or staff serving in a leadership capacity, including but not limited to:

Interested in Executive Coaching?

Do you want specialized support to increase the self-awareness of your team leaders, clarify goals, and unlock their full potential as inclusive leaders? Include an executive coaching package to deliver optimal results.

Add Executive Coaching for


Package includes four 1-hour sessions

additional hours available in 4-hour increments

identify desired impact and outcomes including specific long- and short-term goals

gain insight on accomplishing goals using various metrics

determine "gap analysis" of intentions and function in leadership