We are dialogue experts.

CCBD equips and empowers individuals at every level of any organization—from academic leaders to students, corporate executives to consumers, healthcare providers to patients—to develop skills to serve as agents of cultural change.

We are agents of change.

CCBD supports corporations, healthcare organizations, and academic institutions that are committed to creating an inclusive culture of belonging – a culture that accepts, values, and views strength in differences. Most importantly, CCBD customizes (hence, "by design") a diversity education experience to best support the specific and unique diversity needs for your organization.

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Our Services

Professional Development

Custom teaching and learning sessions with interactive educational tools and cooperative collaborations.


Long-term (3+ mths), project-based engagements based on your needs to ensure expansion and sustainability in diversity initiatives.

Executive Coaching

Focused, outcome-driven coaching designed to support specific personal and professional targeted goals.


Data-driven dashboards, real-time metrics reports, evaluations, and more

We have voices of change.

One of our clients was so pleased with our services that they interviewed our creator & CEO Dr. Nicole Robinson and some of the participants and spliced together this video! Thought we'd share the love.

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Results are immediate, long-lasting and simply outstanding.

Associate Chair, School of Music, University of Utah

CCBD helps universities, corporations and non-profits understand the tangible steps they can take to advance the work of equity and inclusion. Participants leave feeling committed and inspired.

President & CEO, National Non-Profit Organization

This eye-opening presentation will be the catalyst to keeping inclusiveness in the forefront of my mind in every interaction with my students.

Faculty Member, Dixie State University

Everything we discussed during your two days here has already had a huge impact on how I see the society which I am a member.

Zachary, Florida State University

William Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”…therefore, I want to thank you for inspiring me.

Elizabeth, University of Utah

Taking part of this was extremely eye-opening. I now recognize areas that I am responsible for speaking up and helping those who may not be as privileged as me.

Melissa, UMass Boston

In the past, I associated privilege with a negative connotation but now I see it as a way to understand change for the better.

Robert, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

I anticipated that ‘impact’ would resonate with our students and faculty at the moment; however, I never imagined that it would be a centering experience for our community.

Dr. Forrester, Univeristy of Massachusetts-Boston

This experience taught me that everyone has their own personal story. You just can’t “judge a book by its cover”!

Adminstrator, Indiana State University

I feel like I finally understand my privilege as a white male. It’s so enlightening.

Marc, St. Jude Hospital

Learning for all

Our programs are great for people at all stages of learning- whether you are a social justice warrior or you haven't yet learned the difference between equity and equality.

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Customizable experiences

At CCBD we recognize that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we keep our program flexible so that it can fit into your organization's unique makeup. This means that you can customize your experience to reflect your specific needs.

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